Friends of Lancasterian

Who are Friends of Lancasterian?

We support the work of Lancasterian School, an independent school that works exclusively with children and young people from Greater Manchester that have complex medical and/ or communication needs. 

Disabled children often lead very restrictive and isolated lives. Reduced access to learning resources and play facilities means that many disabled children miss out on the healthy physical, social and emotional development that all children benefit from on a daily basis. 

Friends of Lancasterian want to do something about this which is why we need your help.

At Friends of Lancasterian we believe that all children with disabilities have the right to share the same opportunities, challenges and enjoyment of life as every other child.

We work with a wide range of partners and ambassadors to raise the funds needed to expand horizons of children with physical disabilities and complex medical needs.

About Lancasterian School

Lancasterian School supports Manchester’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged children. The school provides a quality, inclusive education for pupils aged 3 -16 years old with physical difficulties, severe medical conditions and communication needs. 

The School’s professional carers are committed to delivering services which best meet the needs of the children. Whatever their need, even the most vulnerable children can transform their lives and fulfill their potential with the support of the School.