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Huma’s Story

The swing makes me want to communicate more!

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Huma was signing 'more'! - she is normally reluctant to try new things.

One of our projects involved creating a safe, accessible swing area suitable for all pupils. Our previous swing area was inaccessible and suitable only for our younger pupils. Our older pupils were not able to access this experience at all

Huma recently joined us at Lancasterian School. It soon became very obvious that Huma hadn’t been on a bucket swing like our new one for a very long time, if at all! We started by modelling what a swing is all about. Huma reluctantly got on although she was nervous and needed staff close by at the beginning. 

The more time passed Huma became more and more confident and we started to take pictures. Then Huma pointed at us and then the swing, so we got on with her.

Huma was squealing with excitement and after a few minutes she decided to throw us off! Next Huma was swinging by herself and loving it - she didn't want to get off. Huma was signing 'more'! - she is normally reluctant to try new things. It was very obvious Huma hadn’t been on a swing for a very long time or if at all. 

Since her first visit to the swing Huma has begun requesting the swing using her communication book, spontaneously. 

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